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Alaina Marie Mathers’s life biography

Eminem is widely known in the world as rap king as he is not only known for his music but also famous due to some good deeds such as adopting kids and giving them a good life. Here we will disclose the life of one of his adopted child, Alaina Marie Mathers. Let’s have a look and know about the secret life of Eminem’s adopted daughter, Alaina including her relationship with her father Eminem and her dating history.

Alaina Marie Mathers Biography:

Alaina was adopted by Eminem then-wife Kimberly Anne Scott when her sister Dawn Scott wasn’t in such condition to take care of her daughter Amanda (Now Alaina). The biological mother of Alaina is Dawn Scott who was the twin sister of Kim Scott. Alaina was born to Dawn in 1993. Her father was unidentified and her biological mother immersed with serious legal issues. Then Kim Scott and Eminem stood for her and adopted her by getting the full custody of her in the 2000s. Now, their legal parents are Kimberly Scott and Eminem. After her adaptation by Eminem, he changed her name from Amanda Marie Scott to Alaina Marie Mathers. The other reason for her adaptation was her mother’s drug addiction. She was involved in legal issues as she was a drug abuser. Later, she died due to the heroin overdose in 2016.


Alaina became a part of Mathers family as a biological child of rap God Eminem as she has two younger sisters Hailie and Whitney. Hailie is a biological daughter of Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem while Whitney is a daughter of Kim Scott and her boyfriend Eric Hartter. But Eminem got the full custody of Kim’s daughter Whitney and she is living with Eminem now. Alaina has one real brother named Adam Scott who is also her twin brother. Patrick Scott and Parker Scott are her cousins from her aunt Kim Scott but they haven’t been in the limelight.

Dating history:

Unlike her father, she isn’t open about her personal life including her dating life in front of media and Eminem’s fans. But despite her secretive nature about her private life, there are some rumors about her dating with a guy as an Instagram page published her photo with her beau. But she didn’t confirm the rumors and she is not on social media like her younger sister Hailie Jade.

Relationship with Eminem:

The legendary rapper Eminem is not her biological father but he loves her too much like her daughter Hailie. He also shows his love through his hit songs. Eminem mentioned his adopted daughter Alaina in some of his songs like “Going through Changes”, “Déjà vu” and many more. He also wrote some lyrics for his daughter including Alaina.


Alaina Marie Mathers’s public interaction is not high-profile like her sister Hailie Jade Mathers. She is not living a life of a star kid like other star children as she doesn’t like fancy fame life. She barely uses social media and has no particular social media profile. Currently, she is studying at Oakland University. Leave a comment and let us know how Alaina’s low key life inspires you being a star kid in the comment section.