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Why people prefer to book their hotels with travel websites

There are a lot of people who like to travel and spend their vacations abroad. They also need to book the hotels where they are going to stay. They are supposed to reserve the hotels by visiting the hotels website. But a few years back many study were conducted which show that there are many people who do not rely on the websites of hotels to get the rooms reserved. Rather they prefer to reserve their hotel rooms through the online travelling websites.

There are more than 50% bookings of hotels that are being made by the online traveling agencies and people prefer to visit these online travel agencies to get the booking of their hotels. In Europe, the ratio of people booking their hotels online through the travel agencies is also more than 50%. Now the question arises that why travelers now like to book the hotels via online travel agencies and not directly from the supplier websites. The main thing we find in the answer is online marketing strategies that are used by travel agencies. Travel agencies are more advanced than the hotels websites in term of their marketing campaigns. They are getting successful in taking the attention of the visitors through their marketing strategies and deals they offer to the customers.

Internet marketing strategies used by Travel websites

Following are some of the strategies that the online travel agencies are using and getting attention of more travelers which the hotel management is lacking from.

Content aggregation

The main reason behind the success of the travel websites is that these websites provide the customers more content and options of hotels than a normal hotel website can provide them. They add the information of all available hotels on their website and people can compare these options according to the prices, reviews, and availability at one place.

User friendly websites

The website of the travel agencies is found a lot easier by the customers than the websites of different hotels. Making more content available for them at one place makes it easier for the users and they prefer to book hotels from these websites.

Better pricing strategies

People find it more convenient option to book a hotel from the travel website because they believe the travel websites provide them with better pricing options and deals.

Mobile apps

The mobile apps that are designed by the travel agencies are better and easy to use for the customers. People prefer to use these mobile apps for booking their hotels rather than visiting the websites of various hotels. There are many hotels that do not even have the mobile apps and this is a huge drawback of the hotel industry.

Loyalty and reward programs

There are many travel agencies that are providing the customers more loyalty and reward programs. The member of these travel agency programs prefer to get rewarded by booking their hotels from their website.

These are some online marketing strategies that are used by the websites of travel agencies which help them to have more customers and people prefer to book the hotels from their sites rather than the websites of hotels itself.