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Will the Brexit will be beneficial for United Kingdom

Before discussing about the benefits of this brexit deal, we will like to discuss that what this brexit deal actually is.

What is the Brexit Deal?

Brexit is a term that is being commonly used for the Britain parting from the European Union. So the exit of Britain from the EU is commonly termed as Brexit. Just like the way a term Grexit was used for Greek departing from Euro.

So basically the Brexit deal is all about a referendum that was held on June, 2016 where everyone voted to help the Government decide whether Britain should remain a part of the European Union or it should leave the European Union. There were 51.9% voters who supported this idea of Britain leaving the European Union and there were 48.1% who disliked the idea of it and showed by their votes that they are against this deal. So the majority of people were in the favor of the deal.

As we see from the results that there are two groups that are almost equal who are in favor and who are against the Brexit deal. Therefore, there are many arguments that are in the favor of and against this deal of leaving European Union.

We will discuss some benefits of this Brexit deal which will help you to decide whether the Brexit deal is beneficial for the United Kingdom or it is not worth it to end this long lasting membership of these 40 years.

Membership fee

The membership fee in the form of contribution for the European Union budget is a huge cost for UK and UK can instantly save this huge cost by leaving the European Union.

Free trade agreements

In European Union, the trade agreements are decided and followed by all the members but after leaving the European Union, UK can have its own free trade agreements. The huge chunk of import and export of UK traders will not have to be with the EU member countries so it will worth it to part UK from the EU.

Being a supercharged economy

The Brexiters believe that through the Brexit deal they can make their economy as the Singapore styled economy that is supercharged and it will be free from the regulations that are imposed by the European Union.


For many of the people, the Brexit deal is a way they can have a win through the sovereignty they get by leaving the European Union. They believe that being a part of European Union bounds them to share the control of their personal and domestic affairs. They want to take back the control in their hand and do not want to let any Union take part in their domestic affairs.


Being a part of European Union bounds Britain to let the immigrants from other EU member countries enter and live in UK. There is the same rule for the Britons that they can go and reside in any of these countries. But the main issue is that many of the people have emigrated from the southern and eastern Europe to UK which is making the resources less for the native people. Leaving EU will make UK able to restrain people from immigration to UK.